Ti Lite

Whatever you do, don't ride one of these bikes unless you've decided that you are really interested in one and can afford it. Few walk away without a serious ti jones. The Ti Lite has all the performance and attention to detail that our steel bikes are known for. They're light, durable, single track darts. The solid, predictable feel makes you forget it's a pound lighter than a Race... until you hit a steep climb. Unfortunately, it's price tag reminds you that this extra kick isn't free. That's life. You have to pay to ride. There's no cheap way out. If you can get your head around that, and you want the best, check one out.

Race Lite

It's the frame Paul Willerton rode to sixth place in the World's, back when he was poor, hungry, underpaid and fast. The Race Lite has the same design features and refinements as the Race frame, but we've trimmed approximately a 1/2 pound from the thing. We did it by decreasing the wall thickness of the top tube, down tube, head tube and chainstays and the heat treatment specification went up to compensate for the lighter tubes. The medium sized Race Lite frame tips the scales at a bit less than four pounds. They're light. They won't provide you with any excuses for lagging behind. They'll also keep you from skipping rides because your bike's broken. They're durable. (Don't get me wrong; it's okay to lag behind, I do it all the time. It's just not cool to blame it on your bike). And they ride right. No frills, no fads, the Race lite is a precision tool for an experienced XC racer. If you can resist the urge (and all the hype) to go plush and comfy, you can go fast instead.


We have been refining the Race frame for years. Gussets, heat treated custom drawn tubes and tough mylar decals are just a few of the things that make this our most durable frame. Attention to every conceivable detail keeps you on the bike, where you are doing yourself some good, rather than fiddling around with a fussy half baked fashion statement. Think about it. The geometry is designed to get you through the corners of the fastest, roughest single-track faster and with better control than anything else. No BS.


Cyclocross is on the lips and headlines of the trendy these days, after the Olympic folks proclaimed that racing cross all winter was what it would take to catch the Euros in the MTB races next time around.

A hyped up cross series probably isn't going to change things much, since cyclocross has been around for a long time. But, with a little focus, some of the riders who have devoted themselves to it will get a little attention and that's not a bad thing.

Bontrager Cyclocross frames are the original hard core cross racers choice for a durable lightweight racing bike. Clark Natwick, Lawrence Malone,Daryll Price, Don Myrah, Liz Newberry-Chapman, Lisa Muhich, and others scored more victories and won more championships in the mid and late 80's than any of the wanna be cross builders today. The 90's are going the same way, though our decals aren't always on the bikes (the cost of selling a race bike to a team with big $$$ sponsors paying the bills.

These are real cyclocross racing bikes, not hybrids or touring sleds. We spent the time and dialed in the ride instead of working out cute marketing ploys like the too hip marketeers up north (and everywhere else these days), and it shows in the hardware. The frames have the dialed in mix of lightweight, durability, and precise handling characteristics to get you to the podium, if you've got the legs and lungs.

Road Lite

The Road Lite is our mountainized version of a classic European road design. We were tempted to build a traditional frame, but we know too much about building better bikes to do it. Our TIG welded steel frames are built from most of the same tubes we use for the Race Lite frame, so we figure you could get around a NORBA course on one (with a little skill) if you wanted to. We don't recommend it, but the same characteristics keep the bike together for a long time, even if you pour on the hard miles. Unlike ATB trends, roadie fashion doesn't dictate a new bike every year or two, so a good durable one makes sense.

The features on the Road Lite include a shortened seat tube and a wishbone in the back to save some weight and add rigidity, gussets where they're needed to keep you on the road, classic geometry, and more crashworthiness than the rest of your body can match.

Privateer "Comp"

Similar to the Privateer and Privateer S with XT parts.

Privateer "S"

Same as the Privateer with a suspension fork for added cush.


(pri' ve ter'), n. a racer who provides his or her own financial support or who is provided with minimal financial support by sponsors; typically a privateer's equipment must be selected with a great deal of emphasis on durability since he or she cannot afford to replace parts frequently.